Echo H2 Machine Under Counter (w/Chrome Faucet)

Echo H2 Machine Under Counter (w/Chrome Faucet)

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The Echo H2 Machine is the first Echo Water Machine to have the proprietary Echo hydrogen module. This creates the cleanest, best-tasting hydrogen water while keeping pH neutral. We do this by running two streams of water through the Echo H2 Machine. One stream is used for harvesting hydrogen, and the other is hydrogen water that you drink. Once the water goes through electrolysis, it has -400 to -500mv ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential). This electrical potential stimulates healthy bacteria growth, repairing the gut and immune functions.

The Echo H2 Faucet is a manual faucet that is REQUIRED for the Under-counter Echo H2 Machine. With a simple turn of the handle, the Echo H2 Faucet dispenses clean, crisp, hydrogen water in the comfort of your own home. It is a secondary faucet that is typically installed in the corner of the sink.

The Echo H2 Machine is backed by the Echo 5-year defects warranty which covers parts, labor, and shipping back to you.

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